Tree Thinning Riddlesden

Tree thinning in Riddlesden is the selective removal of live branches to reduce crown density. It involves a different process to crown reductions in Riddlesden as tree thinning is the most commonly-practised method of pruning of mature trees. Tree thinning allows wind to pass through or into the pruned section of the crown, which can temporarily improve durability in a storm or provide sunlight penetration to the ground.

When a tree becomes too densely covered and begins to block out light, thinning of the tree will improve this. This is the process of removing branches from the internal structure of the tree, thus allowing more light to penetrate through. By thinning trees, you can still maintain the shape but it makes the tree safer in windy or stormy conditions.

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Tree Thinning Riddlesden
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What is crown thinning in Riddlesden?

The height and shape of the tree remains the same but the canopy is thinned out by selective removal of internal branches to reduce the density of the tree. Our expert tree surgeons in Riddlesden have years of experience in providing tree thinning services in Riddlesden and not only provide expert advice, but also an expert level of service that remains unmatched within Riddlesden.

When is tree thinning required?

This is an alternative way of gaining more light through the crown of the tree when reduction or felling is not an option for various reasons.

Advantages Of Tree Thinning In Riddlesden

  • More light is allowed to pass through the tree brightening up your garden.
  • The ability of the tree to stand against adverse weather conditions is increased.
  • Crown can be selectively thinned for aesthetic reasons ensuring a well spaced and balanced branch structure.